Artisan Crafted Shower Bombs pack of 5

Artisan Crafted Shower Bombs pack of 5

Gift Pack of 5 - elegantly crafted shower bombs. Filled with 100% pure essential oils exploding with vibrant fragrances. (this shower bomb will last 2 showers)

 Contains 1 each of the following fragrances:

Breathe, Relax, Serenity, Headache Relief and Invigorate

 How to use :   Unwrap your Shower Burst and place it on the floor of the shower where the water can easily reach it. The warm water will activate the burst and steam will envelop you with the beautiful scents of the essential oils throughout your shower. Breathe in the relaxation and breathe out the stress. Step out wrapped in an after-glow of wellbeing.

PLEASE NOTE :All of our Shower Bombs are packed full of esssential oil fragrances and menthol.

If you are sensitive to any of the fragrances or suffer from asthma, please use with caution as menthol may be a trigger in asthmatics.




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